Android is Awful

Android is awful. The Nexus 6 unboxing experience as enduring by an iPhone user.

Android is awful

Leaving Chrome Behind

Chrome was once the quintessential browser, yet many years of bloat have lead to it’s slow decline.

Google is freaking me out

Last week Google acquired Skybox, a satellite imaging company. This is hot on the heels of acquiring Titan Aerospace – a drone company, Boston Dynamics – a robot company that had military contracts at the time of acquisition, and Deepmind – an artificial intelligence company with technology so powerful they forced Google to setup an ethics board …

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Google is Freaking Me Out

Tesla wraps shrewdness in altruism

I have a little more cynical take on Tesla’s announcement. I think it’s a play to get other auto makers reliant on Tesla’s infrastructure as a way to: 1. Give them scale to build charging stations and batteries 2. Make electric cars more compatible so they can grow the pie of electric cars vs gas cars …

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Tesla wraps shrewdness in altruism

The three eras of iPad apps

If you’re designing an iPad app, don’t stop at the guidelines that Apple provides you. Delightful is possible, and magical within reach. Stretch the touch metaphors. Create an engaging experience that is only possible on a touch device.

3 Generations of iPad Apps