Security is hard. And the bad guys are smarter than you

Security is Hard and the Bad Guys Are Smarter Than You

Just recently, two things got me thinking about just how hard security can be – whether online or offline. Earlier in the week, Lastpass – a service that securely stores usernames and passwords – issued a security incident report. Lastpass is a reputable company with a team of highly skilled security engineers, and their business …

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Microsoft Aquires Nokia

Microsoft acquires Nokia

News of the hour: Microsoft aquires Nokia. I wonder if embedding former employees in high level positions at other companies was a strategy at the time, or just coincidence? Regardless, this deal can only be good for Microsoft, but I can’t see how it’s good for Nokia at all. At best they’ll be able to …

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Big Corporations Learning a Thing Or Two From Politicians

Microsoft's political attack ads

Yesterday Microsoft posted an ‘interview’ with Computer World where they claimed Google was failing to win over the enterprise with their cloud services. A few hours later, Appirio – a Google reseller – posted a clever rebuttal.  It strikes the tone of a teacher patiently correcting a student’s mistakes. Snarky ads in the tech world …

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