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How To Use Defi on Elrond to Earn Yield

One of the newest Smart Contract platforms on the block(chain…hehe) just launched their decentralized exchange (DEX). It’s not everyday a new Layer 1 protocol releases a DEX, so this presents …
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How to Get Started In Crypto

How To Get Started In Crypto

Crypto currency is hot right now but it can be overwhelming for a newcomer. Learn the pitfalls to avoid how to get started investing in the crypto market.
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Celsius Is The Way

Celsius Is The Way

If you’re looking for yield on your crypto, look no further than Celsius. A perfect blend of CeFi, DeFi, security smarts and visionary ambitions.
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The Crypto I'm Buying

The Crypto I’m Buying

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on my site. 2 years, 25 days to be exact. For the last few years I’ve been actively cultivating a new …
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