The Essential Guide to Blogging on the iPad

Blogging with an iPad

On my most recent trip I decided to jump headfirst into the Post PC era and forgo my cumbersome Lenovo PC in favor of an iPad. I was confident that the iPad could replace all my needs for email, social networking and entertainment. In fact I’d already shifted many of these activities to my mobile …

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The Post-PC Apocalypse

The Post PC Apocalypse

I remember the day Microsoft announced Windows 95 to the world with the hopeful sadness that tectonic shifts in technology bring. It ushered in an era of computing that made Microsoft’s vision of “a computer on every desk and in every home” reality within just a few short years. The device that had once been …

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Microsoft shows a bad case of iPad envy with Windows 8

Microsoft's iPad envy

Today at the All Things Digital Conference Microsoft shared a first look at Windows 8. As you can see from the demo below, it’s a decidedly different experience for Windows. An apt description would be Windows meets Windows Phone. Though I get a distinct sense that Redmond has finally got their photocopiers back up and …

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Chromebooks – So close, yet so far

Google Chromebook - so close yet so far

It was with great interest recently that I watched the debut of the Chromebook at Google IO 2011, and the ensuing media frenzy that declared the Chromebook everything from the PC killer to dead on arrival. I can say if there’s anything lacking in tech news today it’s not hyperbole, and sometimes nuance gets lost …

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Why Apple Wins – Even If The iPad Flops

Why Apple Wins Even if the iPad Flops

For the last few weeks I’ve been seeing an almost non-stop stream of articles from the tech blogosphere about how the iPad is an overhyped device destined to go the way of the Apple TV or the ill-fated Newton. At best it will fill a small niche and complement Apple’s other offerings. Many have extolled …

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