Nevermind Facebook and Twitter? Google+ Has Replaced StumbleUpon

Google+ Replaces Stumble Upon

There has been a lot written about Google+ in the last 8 months. From tech prognosticators who declared it dead on arrival, Google’s answer to social media, a zombie walking, an interesting place to find new friends, really it’s about to die any day just ignore those 60 million users, a great replacement for Twitter, …

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Very Funny Google

Very funny Google

Now I feel like the only kid in class who wasn’t invited to the party. I’ll just go stand in the corner next to my other Google Apps friends and pretend parties aren’t cool. I’m sad that I won’t get to enjoy the awesome multimedia extravaganza of Hangouts, or the sweet real time communication of …

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Big Corporations Learning a Thing Or Two From Politicians

Microsoft's political attack ads

Yesterday Microsoft posted an ‘interview’ with Computer World where they claimed Google was failing to win over the enterprise with their cloud services. A few hours later, Appirio – a Google reseller – posted a clever rebuttal.  It strikes the tone of a teacher patiently correcting a student’s mistakes. Snarky ads in the tech world …

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