Apple Has Turned Evil

Apple has turned evil

You need only scroll through news of the last few weeks for evidence that Apple has turned evil. The once-doomed computer maker that cowered in Microsoft’s shadow has spent the last two years seeking to squash smaller rivals with a flurry of patent lawsuits. Apple, please see reason – it’s not necessary to sully your good name by unleashing an army of lawyers. Your products are a more powerful assault on competitors than your legal wrath could ever be.

The Essential Guide to Blogging on the iPad

Blogging with an iPad

On my most recent trip I decided to jump headfirst into the Post PC era and forgo my cumbersome Lenovo PC in favor of an iPad. I was confident that the iPad could replace all my needs for email, social networking and entertainment. In fact I’d already shifted many of these activities to my mobile …

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Microsoft shows a bad case of iPad envy with Windows 8

Microsoft's iPad envy

Today at the All Things Digital Conference Microsoft shared a first look at Windows 8. As you can see from the demo below, it’s a decidedly different experience for Windows. An apt description would be Windows meets Windows Phone. Though I get a distinct sense that Redmond has finally got their photocopiers back up and …

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Why Apple Wins – Even If The iPad Flops

Why Apple Wins Even if the iPad Flops

For the last few weeks I’ve been seeing an almost non-stop stream of articles from the tech blogosphere about how the iPad is an overhyped device destined to go the way of the Apple TV or the ill-fated Newton. At best it will fill a small niche and complement Apple’s other offerings. Many have extolled …

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