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Android is Awful

Android is awful. The Nexus 6 unboxing experience as enduring by an iPhone user.

Android is awful

The three eras of iPad apps

If you’re designing an iPad app, don’t stop at the guidelines that Apple provides you. Delightful is possible, and magical within reach. Stretch the touch metaphors. Create an engaging experience that is only possible on a touch device.

3 Generations of iPad Apps

Why I Love Apple (products) and Can’t Boycott Them

Yesterday a firestorm erupted after it was announced that a judge had banned sales of the Galaxy Nexus for violating two of Apple’s patents. Yet despite their bad business practices, I love Apple products – here’s why.

Why I love Apple Products

Why Apple Airplay is like the Oxo Salad Spinner

Yesterday Apple announced a slew of new products. From the new Macbook Air to the next generation Macbook Pro with Retina display. Tucked within the more than 400 new features announced for OS X and iOS was another gem – Airplay mirroring support for the OS X. But why is Airplay like the Oxo Salad Spinner?

Why Apple is like the Oxo salad spinner

7 Deadly Design Sins of the UX refresh

They say in life you’re either an example to follow or a warning for others to avoid.’s new design falls into the latter category. Rather than run away in horror, I’ve dissected the 7 deadly sins of the redesign

7 Deadly Sins of Bit-ly Refresh

Xbox 360 + Bing is Almost Awesome. Still Easier to Google on my iPad

This evening we were watching a movie (Transporter 2 if you’re interested), and we got to talking about the Jason Statham, and how he would make an excellent James Bond. He’s suave and sophisticated – a good hearted lawful rogue, and would fit so much better than the guy who played 007 last time. Except neither …

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Easier to Google on the iPad