Very Funny Google

Very funny Google

Now I feel like the only kid in class who wasn’t invited to the party. I’ll just go stand in the corner next to my other Google Apps friends and pretend parties aren’t cool. I’m sad that I won’t get to enjoy the awesome multimedia extravaganza of Hangouts, or the sweet real time communication of …

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Spotify – An Almost Perfect Music Service You NEED To Try

Spotify is a nearly perfect music service

In the last few months a slew of new cloud music services have been announced from some heavy hitters. Google Music (invite only beta), Apple’s iCloud (still in development) and Amazon Cloud Player (released) are the three most recent to join the likes of Pandora and There has been much fuss made about Spotify, the …

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Microsoft shows a bad case of iPad envy with Windows 8

Microsoft's iPad envy

Today at the All Things Digital Conference Microsoft shared a first look at Windows 8. As you can see from the demo below, it’s a decidedly different experience for Windows. An apt description would be Windows meets Windows Phone. Though I get a distinct sense that Redmond has finally got their photocopiers back up and …

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