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Google is freaking me out

Last week Google acquired Skybox, a satellite imaging company. This is hot on the heels of acquiring Titan Aerospace – a drone company, Boston Dynamics – a robot company that had military contracts at the time of acquisition, and Deepmind – an artificial intelligence company with technology so powerful they forced Google to setup an ethics board …

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Google is Freaking Me Out

Tesla wraps shrewdness in altruism

I have a little more cynical take on Tesla’s announcement. I think it’s a play to get other auto makers reliant on Tesla’s infrastructure as a way to: 1. Give them scale to build charging stations and batteries 2. Make electric cars more compatible so they can grow the pie of electric cars vs gas cars …

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Tesla wraps shrewdness in altruism

Apple Has Turned Evil

You need only scroll through news of the last few weeks for evidence that Apple has turned evil. The once-doomed computer maker that cowered in Microsoft’s shadow has spent the last two years seeking to squash smaller rivals with a flurry of patent lawsuits. Apple, please see reason – it’s not necessary to sully your good name by unleashing an army of lawyers. Your products are a more powerful assault on competitors than your legal wrath could ever be.

Apple has turned evil

6 Things I know to be true (Enterprise edition)

Shamelessly adapting Google’s “Ten things we know to be true” into six axioms for the Internet age enterprise software company. If you ignore these, you’re unlikely to stay relevant for long…

Six things I know to be true about enterprise software development

Windows Glass – Microsoft’s Problem Isn’t Innovation

This last week Google announced a really exciting look into the future called Project Glass. Naturally, Google debuted it with a YouTube video that enticed you with the possibilities, but they did more than that. This wasn’t some futuristic video meant to inspire people to build interesting products, this wasn’t just a prototype one researcher …

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Windows is Microsoft's Innovation Problem

Okay Apple – You Win!

I’ve tried really hard to not make every device in my home yours, but I can’t stand it any longer. I’m tired of putting up with second rate solutions that half integrate. Samsung is light years ahead of the rest of the non-Apple hardware manufacturers, and still they fall short. First to the PC. All …

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Okay Apple, You Win

GoDaddy Supports SOPA–Learn How to Transfer Your Domain and Save the Internet

It was with some shock that I awoke today to discover the one of the most used domain registrars supports SOPA. For those of you who aren’t aware, SOPA is a piece of legislation currently under consideration by the US congress that would effectively destroy innovation on the Internet. Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Yahoo!, Twitter, LinkedIn, …

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GoDaddy and Sopa want to spy on you

Copyright holders gone wild

Copyright holders have gone crazy, forcing a legitimate music video advertising a file upload service to be taken down from Youtube, and then doing the same to a tech news story that reported on it. The actual song is available here still – Megaupload song The news isn’t just that so many super star musicians …

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Copyright Holders Gone Wild