Nevermind Facebook and Twitter? Google+ Has Replaced StumbleUpon

Google+ Replaces Stumble Upon

There has been a lot written about Google+ in the last 8 months. From tech prognosticators who declared it dead on arrival, Google’s answer to social media, a zombie walking, an interesting place to find new friends, really it’s about to die any day just ignore those 60 million users, a great replacement for Twitter, …

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Welcome to Facebook. You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave

You can never leave facebook

Leaving Facebook is hard work. Really hard work. The kind of hard work that leaves you sweating in the desert heat wearing nothing but striped pajamas and shackles while the warden shouts derogatory cusswords in your direction. The kind of hard work that saps your soul as you watch it swirling down the drain like …

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GoDaddy Supports SOPA–Learn How to Transfer Your Domain and Save the Internet

GoDaddy and Sopa want to spy on you

It was with some shock that I awoke today to discover the one of the most used domain registrars supports SOPA. For those of you who aren’t aware, SOPA is a piece of legislation currently under consideration by the US congress that would effectively destroy innovation on the Internet. Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Yahoo!, Twitter, LinkedIn, …

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Xbox 360 + Bing is Almost Awesome. Still Easier to Google on my iPad

Easier to Google on the iPad

This evening we were watching a movie (Transporter 2 if you’re interested), and we got to talking about the Jason Statham, and how he would make an excellent James Bond. He’s suave and sophisticated – a good hearted lawful rogue, and would fit so much better than the guy who played 007 last time. Except neither …

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How to Fix Software Patents

How to fix software patents

Much has been written about software patents in the recent months. As we watch high profile lawsuits ravage across the globe burning time, focus and attention from many of the largest players in the mobile space it’s clear that the existing patent system isn’t working. Kevin Marks’ recent post inspired me to write down some …

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