Month: July 2012

The three eras of iPad apps

If you’re designing an iPad app, don’t stop at the guidelines that Apple provides you. Delightful is possible, and magical within reach. Stretch the touch metaphors. Create an engaging experience that is only possible on a touch device.

3 Generations of iPad Apps

It’s not just Facebook losing your email

In the old days of the Internet you used to be able to blame communication disruption on some grave technological shortcoming. Yet the most recent spate of Facebook foul ups would tell us otherwise – and they’re not the only ones!

Not just facebook losing email

Why I Love Apple (products) and Can’t Boycott Them

Yesterday a firestorm erupted after it was announced that a judge had banned sales of the Galaxy Nexus for violating two of Apple’s patents. Yet despite their bad business practices, I love Apple products – here’s why.

Why I love Apple Products