Month: June 2012

Apple Has Turned Evil

You need only scroll through news of the last few weeks for evidence that Apple has turned evil. The once-doomed computer maker that cowered in Microsoft’s shadow has spent the last two years seeking to squash smaller rivals with a flurry of patent lawsuits. Apple, please see reason – it’s not necessary to sully your good name by unleashing an army of lawyers. Your products are a more powerful assault on competitors than your legal wrath could ever be.

Apple has turned evil

Why Apple Airplay is like the Oxo Salad Spinner

Yesterday Apple announced a slew of new products. From the new Macbook Air to the next generation Macbook Pro with Retina display. Tucked within the more than 400 new features announced for OS X and iOS was another gem – Airplay mirroring support for the OS X. But why is Airplay like the Oxo Salad Spinner?

Why Apple is like the Oxo salad spinner

7 Deadly Design Sins of the UX refresh

They say in life you’re either an example to follow or a warning for others to avoid.’s new design falls into the latter category. Rather than run away in horror, I’ve dissected the 7 deadly sins of the redesign

7 Deadly Sins of Bit-ly Refresh